P r o j e c t s

P r o j e c t s

Icy Rose 67P


Icy Rose 67P has been produced for the Global Astronomy Month 2015 and the International Year of Light 2015, upon invitation by Astronomers Without Borders and has been performed during the public event A Testa in Su in Cerveteri (Italy) and the first Italian un-conference SpaceUp Rome 2015. It is dedicated to the exploration of comets and their bewildering behaviour, in particular to the Rosetta mission toward comet 67P, culminating with the first ever touchdown.

Original electronics and vocals will insert you to a highly eccentric orbit, to drift across interplanetary space, just like a comet brightening in the sunshine and appearing like a mesmerizing mystery in the human skies.

Icy Rose 67P is an intimate musical trip on the steps of adventurous scientific exploration. Driven by inspiring electronic atmospheres, Theremin suggestions and thoughtful narration, every listener will find his/her own personal way to feel like a comet.

Overriding the misconceptions that have accompanied throughout history the most awesome of the celestial bodies, we will personally land on a comet to discover how comets went from being evil stars to carriers of life.

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Aurora Borealis 


A magic event, yet real. A hypnotic, unforgettable vision. One of the most spectacular expressions of wonder in the universe. This is Aurora Borealis, and much more: it is the symbiosis between a travel diary, a science story and a live concert; it is an invitation to let one of the most captivating natural phenomena mesmerize the senses and the mind.

The idea of a new format for a musical and scientific performance arises after a trip to Lapland, to observe and photograph the northern lights in March 2013: a show connecting the engaging experience of live electronic music with the passion for science communication and the knowledge of the sky.

The impressions of a journey toward an extreme territory, with icy temperatures and immense landscapes, take shape within a musical frame bringing new emotional meanings to the images of the northern lights. The narrative focuses on the astonishing mechanism that relates the Sun with the Earth producing the majestic Auroras. From the infernal power of huge solar eruptions to the delicate dance of the auroral lights, this Astroconcert draws an evocative knitting through space and time, between the earth and the sky, where knowledge regains the taste of wonder.

The original images of the northern lights were shot by Stefano Giovanardi in Ivalo (Finland) and edited as time lapse sequences. The original soundtrack was composed and performed live by Angelina Yershova (live electronics, voice).

Aurora Borealis was presented on April 12 2014 during the Global Astronomy Month 2014 and performed at the Festival Voci della Montagna in Pescasseroli (Italy), at OLE .01 International Festival of Electronic Literature in Naples and then presented during the "Astrosummer" event at the Planetarium of Rome obtaining two sold out shows.

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Cosmic Echoes 


Performed for the first time in July 2010 in the beautiful setting of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, Cosmic Echoes is a multimedia show, a modern fairy tale that tells the science and scientific research, a live electronic music with a piano performance that color the sky sounds fascinating.

Born from the need to find new ways to communicate the essence of science and the investment in scientific research, is a show for all, big and small, scientists, researchers and ordinary people, just to emphasize how scientific research is a basic resource for better understanding our planet and manage the way in which we live.

Cosmic Echoes is a path-crossing event that the stars and heavenly bodies, a journey of exploration and discovery, which begins when a curious eye looks up beyond the lights of the city and rediscovers the firmament, outlined by Stefano Giovanardi and narrated by Angelina Yershova soundtrack.

Visiting one after the other planets, the Moon, the Sun, Mars, Venus, and even new worlds around other stars, we discover that each of them “contain” the nature of scientific research themes that represent the activity everyday of our researchers and scientists.

Cosmic Echoes becomes a play of reflections between earth and sky that man is the operations center, constructive and destructive. A show to gain awareness of our collective role towards the whole world and universe, in a new ecological vision of the cosmos.

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Stellar Vibrations 


Stellar Vibrations is a multimedia project of electronic music, designed for an immersive environment like the dome of a planetarium. It was presented at Science Festival 2009 "The Universe" at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, with sonic installation by Simone Pappalardo.

From the idea of Angelina Yershova to “play” the star maps has been created a show, full of music and visual effects charm, aim to offer to the viewer an intense experience of exploration of the space.

The goal of Stellar Vibrations is to involve the senses of the audience toward the discovery of the universe. The images of celestial objects and their movements in the sky blend with the music by following trends and dissolutions rhythmic sound into an experience strongly suggestive.

Stellar Vibrations wants to transmit to the public the sense of disorienting and hypnotic atmosphere, not merely the feeling of a universe already discovered and catalogued by of scientists. The challenge is getting lost into the unknown, experiencing the fear of emptiness and get free in the search for an intimate relationship with the cosmos.

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Voyager Chords 


Voyager Chords is an invitation to explore the Solar System e to expand our view above the physical limits imposed by the Universe. It was performed during the European Researcher Night 2013 at the Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology of Rome.

This AStroconcert is composed and fully performed by Angelina Yershova. The symbiosis between the acoustic sound of the piano and the sophisticated electronic processing, that takes its cue from the data collected by Voyager spacecrafts and other space probes, will accompany you in this magical journey, both musical and visual.

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Destination Infinity 


Destination Infinity is an invitation to free up the mind and let thought traveling in the Universe. The acoustic sounds of the piano and the voice is diluted more and more in the energy of the expanding electronic music.

Destination Infinity is a constant search for the essence of the thinking soul, which lets you feel like liquid light. It starts towards the infinite light as a living breath, to dematerialize in a dimension without space or time into the abyss of the cosmos. This AStroconcerto was presented at the Planetarium of Rome during the "Astrosummer" programme of 2010.